This is a year-round program for individuals interested in developing quality gymnastics skills while instilling the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Our competitive program is governed by the USA Gymnastics Xcel Program; which provides gymnasts with a more adaptive experience in a competitive realm, and an opportunity for a rewarding ongoing gymnastics experience.

Our competitive program has five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. In that order, each level increases in difficulty and time commitment. It is recommended to participate in a few sessions of a recreational class before registering for our Duluth YMCA ‘Aerials’ Competitive Program.


May 13 - 17th

Would you like more information about what the team is like, how to join, commitment expectations, and an opportunity to participate in a real time practice with the team?

This is completely free, and anyone 5 and older with at least one session of recreational gymnastics experience under their belts and a desire to commit to more are welcome. This is a Try-IT not a Try-OUT; we welcome all new additions to the team!

Anyone interested must sign up with the Woodland Community Center Director directly at 218.464.5172 or email