Teen leadership programs build confidence and teach skills for teens to become leaders and role models at camp, in school and throughout their community. Teens are drawn to Camp Miller, not just to explore new places, but for the thrill of personal accomplishment and team connection. Leadership programs cover a lot more than terrain and water — they’re journeys that tap into the very best that each teen has to offer, for themselves and the well-being and growth of the group. Two, three, and four week programs are available.


Leaders in Training (LITs)

Ages 14-15 | Grades 9-10

LITs spend two weeks learning to develop their leadership and communication styles, working with youth, and exploring the Minnesota wilderness on a multi-day canoe trip on the Namekagon River. Participants spend three days on expedition and the rest of their session at Camp Miller, partaking in youth work activities, team building initiatives, and traditional camp experiences. LITs will also have opportunities to practice peer leadership as they take on the role of Leader of the Day.


Counselors in Training (CITs)

Ages 15-16 | Grades 10-11

CIT represents the next step in teen leadership at Camp Miller. Over the course of three weeks, teens build on their leadership skills: learning facilitation techniques and exploring the importance of community-building and service while taking on more youth work challenges. Leader of the Day plays a bigger role in this program as more leadership is turned over to the participants by their instructors.


Volunteers In Progress (VIPs)

Ages 16-17 | Grades 11-12

Our VIP program is a unique, multifaceted leadership experience that prepares teens for future positions of responsibility. The program offers a great chance to develop a resume, gain work experience, and build friendships. Teens are invited to attend staff training and will then fulfill various roles around camp during an exciting four weeks, expanding their leadership knowledge and enhancing the camp experience. The VIP program is catered to each person’s specific interests. There are no program fees to participate in the VIP program, an application and interview are required.