Core Camp is where campers in grades 2-7 begin their Camp Miller journey. Campers who are boy-Identifying and girl-Identifying have the opportunity to grow both as individuals and as members of their peer group. Cabin groups live, work, and play together, enjoying activities as a group while learning to respect each other’s differences.


Each camper also embarks on an individual journey in three PEG’s (personal enrichment groups) that they choose to participate in each day for the week and two hours of free choice activities daily. Campers gain independence and decision making skills while learning new hobbies. 


From morning "thought of the day” to bedtime “taps talks” campers grow in spirit, mind, and body, learning YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in a supportive setting. Evening activities bring all cabin groups together to enjoy campfires and large-group games like capture the flag.


2020 Session Dates

(Rates coming soon for 2020 camp sessions)

Session 1 - June 21-26

Session 2 - June 28- July 1

Session 3 - July 5 - 10

Session 4 - July 12 - 17

Session 5 - July 19 - 24

Session 6 - July 26 - 31

Session 7 - August 2 - 7

Session 8 - August 9 - 14

Session 9 - August 16-19


7:00am Morning Activities
7:45am Hopper Bell / Cabin Line-Up
8:00am Breakfast
8:45am Thought of the Day
8:55am Shared Responsibilty / Cabin Clean up
9:30am Cabin Activity Period: One*
10:30am Cabin Activity Period: One*
11:30am Open Field, Boating, And Swimming
12:00pm Hopper Bell / Cabin Line-Up
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm Siesta
2:00pm Personal Enrichment Group: One**
2:50pm Personal Enrichment Group: Two
3:40pm Personal Enrichment Group: Three
4:30pm Open Field, Boating, and Swimming
5:15pm Hopper Bell / Cabin Line-Up
5:30pm Dinner
6:15pm Trading Post / Cabin Time
7:15pm All-Camp Activity: Campfires, Games, or Carnivals
8:15pm Evening Activities / Cabin Time
8:45pm Bedtime Prep
9:30pm Trekkers & Pathfinders Lights Out
9:45pm Mountain Climbers & Specialty Camp Lights Out
10:00pm Adventure Team & Teen Leadership Lights Out

*Cabin Activity Period (CAPs): These activities done as a cabin group.

**Personal Enrichment Group (PEGs): Participants choose the activities they participate in for the week on Sunday after dinner, and skills are developed over the course of the session.