The Duluth Area Family YMCA has been a pillar of the Duluth community since 1882. The cornerstone of our Association is the Downtown Branch, which has been at its current location for over 50 years. Together, we have experiences the highlights and challenges of meeting the changing needs of our community within an aging facility. The remodel in 2009 greatly revitalized our facility and it is up to us to continue that work. The Downtown Branch will temporarily close May 20-27 as workers upgrade the facility and the Y reinvests in the Downtown Y branch.


Work expected to be completed during Recovery Week will total around $100,000.  The entire ongoing refresh started in March with the install of the TRX suspension training system and  a will be completed in August with brand new cardio equipment  for a grand total of $250,000 in care, upkeep and improvements of this building. The projects for Recovery Week will include:


Full renovation of all ages male locker room

Floor resurfacing

Racquetball court surface replacement and refreshment

Cleaning throughout the 80,000 square foot building

Re-grouting of the pool and all tile surfaces 

•General upkeep of women's sauna

•Tile work in all locker rooms as well as second floor male restroom

•Painting on the pool deck, locker rooms, and group training space


“Any of us who have used the Y for 10 years or more knows how much better our building is now than before the last rehabilitation,” said board member, Matthew Baumgartner. “We can expect our Y to be in even better shape when it re-opens for business at 5:00 A.M. on May 28. We know how hard our building has been working to serve our needs for a decade. We now have to give our Y time to recover so it can serve us for another long stretch.”



During Recovery Week, the Y is encouraging members to try out the facilities and classes at the Woodland, Downtown Wells Fargo and Gary New Duluth locations.  The Y encourages all members through their “Nationwide Membership” to try out other Ys across the United States; this temporary closure gives members a chance to check out the neighboring Superior YMCA, only 15 minutes away.


“It’s a great opportunity to see what other options we have that you may not have known or tried in the past,” Katchuba said. “Many of us are familiar with the exercise benefits of cross-training. This week also gives us a chance to cross-train by trying the equipment or the pool in Superior or by taking a yoga or a Pilates class at Woodland Community Center.