Two Dance Classes, One Night

December 6th - April 3rd, Friday Nights

Let the beat move your mind and body. Two great new dance classes join the offerings at the Y next month. Instructor Lenna Stever is bringing Ballet Afrique and Contemporary Dance to the studio on Friday nights starting December 6th. These classes are open to grades 7 through adult and do not build to a performance. Take one class or take them all! We ask that participants register online or by contacting the YMCA by 12:00pm each Friday. Join the fun and express yourself! 

Instructor: Lenna Stever

Ages: Grades 7 and up. All levels are welcome in class.

Fees per class: Members $5, Community Members $10

Register: Register by 12:00pm each Friday online or by contacting the YMCA

Ballet Afrique - 5:30pm-7:00pm Ballet Afrique is a playful, beginner-friendly, original, community-oriented contemporary of West African dance, blended with the most accessible elements of ballet, modern and jazz. This form was created by Romy Keegan, in Albuquerque, NM. Ballet-Afrique is intended to intelligently build strength and stamina, while inspiring dancers to move with joy! The class structure does not build to a performance.

Contemporary - 7:00pm-8:00pm Contemporary dance (also called Modern Dance) is a kaleidoscope of movement, pulling inspiration from any and all sources. It is a form of dance that is constantly expanding and re-defining itself. This class is choreography-centric and is also beginner-friendly. The class structure does not build to a performance.

Locations: Cook County YMCA